Welcome to the Edge City webpage. In short time we’ll be uploading articles, media, and announcements on a semi-regular basis. The majority of these will be original contributions from group members. We will, at times, cross-post items that we think are valuable pieces of analysis or news items that are relevant to broader political discussions. All readers are encouraged to comment on and discuss anything that is posted to this site. Moderators will work to ensure that conversations are both principled and productive.

This page is meant to serve as an extension of our ongoing organizing work. It is our hope that, through dialogue with others across the U.S. and internationally, the debates and conversations that take place here will contribute to our own political praxis and that of others, as well.

Recently, several of our members visited Ferguson, MO to support the ongoing community responses to the murder of Mike Brown and to document the complex methods that state and law enforcement agencies were employing to suppress these actions. In the next few weeks, several members of our organization will be submitting their reportbacks for others to review and discuss. We hope that readers will continue to check back for these updates, as they come.

As a group we have produced a number of documents over the years concerning various organizing efforts or action reflections. We will eventually upload more of these. But, for now, we urge readers who wish to get a better idea of our collective politic to view one of our most recent articles, entitled “Vengeance for Trayvon: A Reportback from Oakland.” This document was written by several members of our group who were present during the local community responses to the George Zimmerman acquittal in 2013 and was eventually published in the second volume of the Red Skies At Night journal.

Thank you for reading and we hope to speak with you all more soon.

Edge City


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