Sunday, December 14 @ 2pm: Oakland Assembly on Justice for Mike Brown and Eric Garner

Since the murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014, protests have spread to every major city in this country and cities around the world. In the Bay Area, we have witnessed and participated in almost two straight weeks of freeway takeovers, mass marches and, more recently, student walkouts.

Now, as these displays of rage continue with no end in sight, and as we quickly approach the Millions March, the questions before us are both extraordinarily simple and incredibly complex: Where do we go from here? How do we sustain the power we have built in the streets while working toward stronger coordination and organization between ourselves, our communities and other cities around the country?

We wholeheartedly believe that this ongoing movement presents exciting possibilities for new forms of revolutionary activity to emerge. But while we remain largely inspired by the recent wave of rebellious actions, it is our opinion that the time is now to collectively strategize how to expand and intensify our efforts.

As a small step, we invite any individuals or groups who want to discuss these and other related questions to meet at 2:00pm in Oscar Grant Plaza on December 14, 2014.

We encourage all participants to come prepared to collaborate in serious, principled reflection and debate on the events of the past two weeks. Proposals will be welcomed. Although we realize that such discussions will be unavoidably messy and contentious, we ask that all who attend to please refrain from personal or sectarian attacks and avoid rumor spreading or speculation. Also, we request that individuals and groups respect the need for the fullest possible participation from all those who wish to do so, and be mindful that they do not monopolize discussion time or conduct themselves in a way that discourages others from contributing.

If you or your group would like more information, or would like to help with facilitation and other logistical tasks, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Edge City, Oakland
December 2014

9 thoughts on “Sunday, December 14 @ 2pm: Oakland Assembly on Justice for Mike Brown and Eric Garner”

    1. Your skepticism is understood and appreciated, but the intent of this larger discussion is far from ‘administrative.’ What we’re attempting to do here is help facilitate a space where many people can openly reflect upon, critique and analyze the events of the past two weeks so that, ideally, our collective organizing efforts are sharpened going forward. We’re aware this has been happening elsewhere and we have no aspirations to centralize these tendencies or dictate the direction of any already existing movement.

      The organic self-organization happening in the Bay Area and beyond is extremely encouraging to our group. We hope this trend continues and becomes even more powerful. And you’re right, this is a new movement. All of us recognize this and none have even a shred of interest in ‘trying to make Occupy 2.0 happen.’ There are, however, serious questions and issues that need grappling with if these struggles are going to sustain themselves.

      Thanks for reading. Hope to talk with you more on Sunday.


  1. This sounds like it could be very helpful. Two questions: is this in anyway related to the workshop at the Omni later on Sunday?
    and as far as the format of the event, have you heard of Open Space Technologies? I believe the format is very robust and can provide for serious engagement and productivity amongst participants


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