Edge City is an organization in the Bay Area within the current borders of the United States.  We came together as participants in the uprisings following the murder of Oscar Grant in 2009, we were part and parcel of the successes and failures of Occupy Oakland and all of us were in the streets demanding justice for Trayvon Martin in 2013.

More recently, we have been actively involved in port labor struggles up and down the West Coast, with an emphasis on building relationships with truckers and developing stronger networks both nationally and internationally.  We are all thinking critically about how to engage and amplify the ongoing community response to the police shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO.

Our perspective is revolutionary, and we want others to know how and why we are approaching everything from local study groups, to anti-border projects, to national and international work such as organizing with workers along the global supply chain. This will not address every issue nor clarify all of our politics, but this will give a sense of who we are and what we are not.  The rest will come in actions, proposals, joint work and statements from the group and discussion documents from individuals or portions of the group. This is a beginning, a rough cut, an attempt to open discussion and debates, not end them.

The world is one economic and ecological system.  At this point in human history we face the possibilities of liberation or continued oppression for billions.  Despite all the advances of thousands of years of human work, planning and desires, any thoughtful person can name a half dozen ways that global society could collapse.

As anarchists, communists or whatever guiding revolutionary political ideology we align ourselves with, we agree upon the necessity to begin developing real alternatives to the current organization of life on this planet as things continue to get worse.  This collapse may not look the way some imagine it in popular culture: apocalyptic and unprecedented, Katrina on a national scale, or nuclear winter on a global scale.  It may look like the normalization of greater degrees of misery, such as the catastrophic depletion of water resources, poverty and evictions skyrocketing nationally or the increasing numbers of refugees and migrant populations pushed to the harsh conditions of militarized border zones.

It is far more likely that we will see the continuation and intensification of the current state of things rather than some sort of spectacular moment of collapse.  Whatever species-wide ‘fight or flight’ response to this ongoing collapse that we hope will kick in should have already begun.

The resistance and cooperation of the dispossessed and the collective efforts of the working classes are the only hope we see at this juncture.  This resistance and cooperation on a daily basis create the possibility of a future liberated society while capitalism and imperialism by their very nature engender new disasters.  As a first step toward an alternative means of existence, we hold that revolutionary organization is unavoidable and essential.

We have no interest in rehashing the same tired conversations or debates, some of which reach back decades and longer.  The decolonial theory of Fanon, for example, or the adventurism of the Weather Underground, while certainly still providing valuable insights and lessons, in our opinion do not necessarily provide us with a fully-developed road map of how to proceed.  We demand and intend completely to force clarity and ingenuity, both in words and actions, about the theory and strategy put forth by any group or individual.

From the more militant moments of the Occupy movement to the furious rebellions in the streets of Ferguson, it is clear to us that new forms of struggle are emerging that bear distinct differences to that of previous eras and potentially point toward a new horizon of revolutionary struggle in the coming years.

We believe that we are faced with a difficult, yet invigorating, set of questions to answer. Such study and analysis, if it is to be fruitful, cannot and must not occur in isolation or detached from revolutionary activity. The time is now for an organization that has the capacity to debate the significance and complexity of what is to come and to act swiftly and resolutely.

As we have said before, this document represents an introduction of sorts, a provocation. In time, through careful analysis, the growth of participation, as well as collective strategizing, the political content of this statement will become more clear and developed. We invite all who may be interested in our politics to contact us.

Edge City

Oakland, CA

September 2014


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